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Why learn a second language?

Learning a second language (or third) in today's multicultural society is very important because it enables better communication with more people as, well as benefiting them in their future. Children who learn a second language develop stonger language skill and improve their performances in many other areas as well.

Why should I choose Spanish over any other language?

Up to date, Spanish is the second most common language in the U.S. other than English, and is the fourth language in the world in terms of numbers of speakers going over 330 millions (and still increasing). According to the 2006 American Survey concluded by the U.S. Census Bureau, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by 34 million people aged 5 or older, and Texas alone is home to 3.4 million of them.

Do my children need to know spanish before enrolling.


Where do these classes take place and how?

The classes are at your child's facility whether it be their preschool, daycare, or home. This program is intended to work with 2 teachers in a room with a group of kids having fun group activities, small rotational work groups (or pair) activities, and independent self studies wwith personalized reinforcement based on every child's needs.

What is the philosophy for Spanish on Wheels?

Learning Spanish should first and foremost be a positive experience for our students. We make Spanish fun and effective through the use of visual aids, music, and games. We have a huge variety of extremely enjoyable activities for your children.